Kortnie Coles – Photoshoot Portfolio Review, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12, ANTM 2009

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Kortnie should never have been cast for the show. She has no real shot in the actual modeling industry. She’s the in-between size that is too large for size 2 outfits but too small to be a full-figured model. Her bone structure is quite lovely, but that doesn’t matter as her skin is terrible after probably years of ridiculous tanning. I was happy to see her go home, and it probably took longer to send her home than it should have.

Kortnie Coles, America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 ANTM 2009, Episode 5: Put Your Best Face Forward

Kortnie Coles, America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 ANTM 2009, Episode 5: Put Your Best Face Forward

This photoshoot concept ended up quite boring. Shooting with an old camera is not a concept, Tyra. Oh well, considering everything, Kortnie didn’t do too bad, though she blends into the background a little too much.

Review Score: ★★☆☆☆ 

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Aminat and Fo impress as Wall Street investors, America’s Next Top Model 12 Episode 4 ANTM

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The preview showed that tonight’s episode would include lots of Miss J and runway walking, which is always a good thing. There’s not much wrong that this show can do for me. I’m way too obsessed.

Overall, it was a fun episode, and I enjoyed that we got to see more of New York due to the theme of the photoshoot: famous areas of New York. I wasn’t too sad to see Nijah go home. She’s extremely pretty, but she’s been boring me to death the last couple of weeks.
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Model makeover brings Fo to tears, America’s Next Top Model 12 Episode 3 ANTM

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America’s Next Top Model’s annual makeover episode came a lot earlier in the cycle than usual. I’m personally happy that the makeovers happened during the second episode, as the competition doesn’t really seem to start until the makeovers are complete.

This year’s makeover episode had quite a bit of drama, especially from Fo, which is unfortunate because Fo had the best makeover. Fo’s baby reaction definitely made me like her less. Hopefully she can get over it and move on, because if she has another week like this week, then I’m going to be hoping and wishing for her to go.
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Allison super creepy but photogenic, America’s Next Top Model 12 Episode 1-2 ANTM

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The first photoshoot of every cycle of America’s Next Top Model is cause-driven. Past causes have been the environment and politics. Cycle 12 starts out with the issue of little girls wanting to grow up too quickly. Tyra mentions that one in five girls polled want to be a teen mom. What a strange new generation of girls.

Now it’s time to get down to the point of this post, my review of the photos. The photos are listed in order of best to worst. Each of the models had to portray a different childhood game that little girls play.

In the end, Isabella is sent home. I loved Isabella after the first hour of the premiere, but after looking through the photos, there’s not much argument that can be made against the judges’ decision to let Isabella go home.
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