iPhone 3G has changed my life, absolutely spectacular technology

October 19, 2008 by  

I remember my first introduction to the original iPhone over a year ago. There were rumours swirling for months regarding Apple’s eventual unveiling of the iPhone. Even with all the hype, Apple’s unveiling blew all expectations out of the water. I downloaded the conference video and was astounded with all the features the phone would offer. Unfortunately for me, it would be well over a year before the iPhone would be introduced to Canada.

A few of my friends went the route of buying an American iPhone and unlocking it for use in Canada. I decided to wait. I almost waited too long, as the introductory 6GB data plan offer was over, and I had to argue my way to getting the introductory offer. All in all, I’m happy with the cost of the data plan and the options I received (6GB data, iPhone Wireless Essentials).

I’ve now had the phone for a full two weeks, and I must say in all honesty that the iPhone 3G has changed my life. The precipitating factor for my buying an iPhone 3G was actually this website. The iPhone 3G launched with Apple’s App Store 2.0 software, allowing the downloading and purchase of third-party applications. The biggest application for me was WordPress for iPhone. Now I’m able to blog on the go, like when I’m on the bus on my way to work. The App Store opens up a world of possibilities, and having the power of the internet in my hands at all times is extremely convenient.

My favourite features of the iPhone include the complete integration with my iMac desktop computer. All my e-mails and contacts are automatically synchronized. The Visual Voicemail makes receiving voice messages much less painful (I’ve never been much for receiving voicemail).

I’m one of the few fans of the touch keypad. I have never been a fan of the BlackBerry and still find them rather cumbersome to use, so I never got used to typing with my thumbs. There have been many complaints about Apple’s touch keypad, but I think they mainly stem from users trying to type with their thumbs. The keypad is simply not made for this, as thumbs are too large and block the screen. I use my three centre fingers, and I’m confident that within a year’s time, I’ll be able to out-type any BlackBerry typist in the world. Yes, I may be a bit over-confident, but I am the Winnipeg Typing Champion after all.

The phone itself has had some technical issues. In fact, I am already on my second iPhone 3G in as many weeks. My first iPhone 3G decided to no longer recognize my SIM card. My second iPhone 3G nearly stopped recognizing the existence of a battery. Now, I generally would deduct marks off for these technical issues except for one huge factor: Apple’s customer service.

The ease of reporting my phone’s failure and the quick replacement of my phone was rather impressive. The new 2.1 software update is also supposed to have corrected many of the software bugs.

Technical issues aside, the overwhelming way in which Apple has changed the world of mobile technology far outshines anything that could possibly be semi-annoying.

Review Score: ★★★★★ 

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